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The Cisco Kid and his English-mangling sidekick Pancho travel the old west in the grand
tradition of the Lone Ranger, righting wrongs and fighting injustice wherever they find it.

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The Valiant Hombre

Studio: United Artists
Release Date: December 15, 1948
Running Time: approx 60 minutes   B/W
Director: Wallace Fox
Producer: Phillip N. Krasne
Cinematography: Ernest Miller
Film Editing: Martin G. Cohn
Writer: O. Henry
Screen Play: Adele Buffington
Music: Albet Glasser


Duncan Renaldo as Cisco Kid
Leo Carrillo as Pancho
John Litel as Lon Lansdell
Barbara Billingsley as Linda Mason
John James as Paul Mason
Stanley Andrews as Sheriff George Dodge
Guy Beach as Old Joe Haskins
Gene Roth as Bartender Pete
Ralph Peters as Deputy Clay
Terry Frost as Henchman Brett



The Cisco Kid (Duncan Renaldo) and Pancho (Leo Carrillo) find a dog, Daisy (played by Daisy), grieving for its lost master. Cisco senses a plot when he later learns that the missing man, Paul Mason (John James), recently discovered a gold lode in the nearby hills. The trail leads to the owner of a gambling hall, Lon Lansdell (John Litel). Linda Mason (Barbara Billingsley), searching for her lost brother, is met when she arrives by Cisco, who tries to hell her the true story as he sees it, but she prefers to believe Landell's version of her brother's disappearance. Lansdell leads Linda to her brother, and she is used in an attempt to make Mason disclose the location of his gold strike. But Cisco and Pancho are close by. In the end Cisco accosts the villain, saves the kidnapped miner and reunites him with his dog.


Complete Movie Review:

In Brownsville, Texas, cowboys Pancho and "The Cisco Kid" meet a man named Joe Haskins, while he is trying to feed a heartbroken dog named Daisy, who has lost her appetite as well as her master, gold prospector Paul Mason. After Cisco gets Daisy to eat a bite, he sends Pancho to the café to get some more meat, then listens while Joe recounts the events leading up to Paul's disappearance: One day, Paul swaggered into the saloon, ordered champagne for himself, Joe and Daisy and announced that he had struck a vein. Paul showed Joe some of his nuggets and said that he planned to record the claim in the morning. Joe then got drunk, passed out and, when he woke up later, Paul was gone. Back on the street, Joe is suddenly shot by a gunman firing from the saloon, so Cisco runs inside with his gun drawn. By the time Sheriff Dodge and Deputy Clay arrive, Joe is dead, and Cisco and Pancho are arrested for his murder and jailed. While guarding Cisco and Pancho, Clay falls asleep, so Cisco tells Daisy to fetch the keys for them. As they are sneaking out, Clay wakes up, but Cisco manages to lock him in the cell. After Cisco persuades the undertaker to accompany him to the sheriff's office, Cisco demonstrates that the fatal bullet's caliber differs from Pancho's pistol. The sheriff lets them go, and is forced to arrest the real culprit, an outlaw named Pete, who is murdered shortly thereafter by an unseen shooter. On his way back to the jailhouse, Cisco meets his friend, Whiskers, whose stagecoach, which is carrying Paul's sister Linda to town, has become stuck in a river. Meanwhile, Lon Lansdell, a saloon keeper who is working with the gang, goes to the shack where Paul is being held and threatens to harm Linda unless he reveals the location of his claim. When Daisy comes up to Lansdell and sniffs enthusiastically at him, Cisco and Pancho surmise that he has been near Paul. After Cisco goes to Linda's hotel room and tells her that she is not safe in town, she rudely slams the door in his face. Cisco then gets Pancho to tell Linda that he is there to take her to the Murdocks' ranch, where she is expected to arrive tomorrow, saying that her hosts refused to allow her to stay in a hotel even for one night and have sent a carriage. When they arrive at the shack, she realizes that she has been tricked and tries to escape, but Cisco picks her up and carries her inside. Shortly thereafter, Lansdell and the gang arrive and burst in with their guns drawn. Lansdell then tells Linda that they have found the gang's hideout and offers to take her there. After they leave, Cisco and Pancho wrestle with their guards and tie them up, purposely leaving their knots loose, so that they can escape and lead them to the hideout. When Cisco and Pancho arrive, the outlaws begin firing on them. Eventually, the henchmen surrender, and when he tries to escape across a suspension bridge, Lansdell falls from the cliff to his death below. Later, Cisco and Pancho say farewell to Paul, Linda and Daisy.

The Valiant Hombre

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