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The Cisco Kid and his English-mangling sidekick Pancho travel the old west in the grand
tradition of the Lone Ranger, righting wrongs and fighting injustice wherever they find it.

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Riding the California Trail

Studio: Monogram Pictures
Release Date: January 11, 1947
Running Time: approx 59 minutes   B/W
Director: William Nigh
Producer: Scott R. Dunlap
Cinematography: Harry Neumann
Film Editing: Fred Maguire
Writer: Clarence Upson Young
Screen Play: Clarence Upson Young
Music: Edward J. Kay


Gilbert Roland as Cisco Kid
Martin Garralaga as Don Jose Ramirez
Frank Yaconelli as Baby
Teala Loring as Raquel
Inez Cooper as Delores Ramirez
Ted Hecht as Doaoul Pedro Reyes
Marcelle Grandville as Duena Rosita
Gerald Echaverria as Pablo
Elis Gamboa as Bartender
Julia Kent as Flower Woman



Chasing women and staying one step ahead of the law, the Cisco Kid meets Raquel and then Dolores. He sees that Raoul is the boy friend of Raquel but engaged to Dolores. Learning that all her money will got to her uncle Don Jose when she marries Raoul, Cisco suspects a plot and sets out to unravel it.


Complete Movie Review:

The Cisco Kid tries to help an heiress about to lose her fortune. The Cisco Kid attempts to break up an arranged marriage in this romantic B-Western from Monogram. Learning that nasty Raoul (Ted Hecht) is marrying lovely Dolores Ramirez (Inez Cooper) out of greed only, the Kid (Gilbert Roland) goes undercover as famous California adventurer Don Luis Salazar. The ruse works, and after a swordfight or two, Dolores is free to marry whomever she chooses. Teala Loring, as Raoul's true girlfriend, sings "Mi Amor Ya Volvia" by Gladys Flores and Edward Kay.

Alternate Movie Review:

"Riding the California Trail" was one of six Cisco Kid films made by Monogram starring Gilbert Roland for the 1946/47 season. It's one of the weakest of the series with a minimum of action.
The story involves a scheme by local rancher Don Jose Ramirez (Martin Garralaga) to marry off his niece Delores (Inez Cooper) to Raoul (Ted Hecht) in order to get their hands on her inheritance from her father. Cisco (Roland) and "Baby" (Frank Yaconelli) ride into town and become involved.
Cisco becomes enraptured with the beautiful Delores, also known as "The Angel of San Lorenzo" because she gives her money to the poor and also plans to do so with her inheritance. Cisco also romances saloon dancer Raquel (Teala Loring) who is also involved with Raoul to obtain information. And that's basically it.
Save for a short uninspired fist fight and two poorly staged sword fights between Cisco and Raoul, that's the only real action in the film. Cisco spends most of his time romancing the ladies which I'm sure would have not gone over too big with the Saturday matinée crowd.
Roland again plays Cisco as the love'em and leave'em bold caballero who also smokes and drinks tequila (a no-no for "B" western heroes). Garralaga, who had played "Pacho" in an earlier series with Duncan Renaldo, again plays a weak willed villain. Hecht didn't impress me as the chief villain.

**** In several films in this series, the name "Cisco Kid" is clearly dubbed in and the "The End" title looks an awful lot like that of Paramount Pictures. Was this series begun at Paramount as a non-Cisco Kid series.
**** When Monogram Pictures Corporation sold their Cisco Kid series of films to television in 1949, United Artists had acquired and now held the rights to the O'Henry characters, and the company was forced to dub-over and pronounce another name in every reference to Cisco, Cisco Kid and Pancho. This is the answer to the above comment.

Riding the California Trail

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