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The Cisco Kid and his English-mangling sidekick Pancho travel the old west in the grand
tradition of the Lone Ranger, righting wrongs and fighting injustice wherever they find it.

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Movies -- 1914 to 1994

The Return of the Cisco Kid

Studio: Fox Film Company
Release Date: April 28, 1939
Running Time: approx 71 minutes   B/W
Director: Herberet I. Leeds
Producer: Darryl F. Zanuck
Cinematography: Charles G. Clarke
Film Editing: James B. Clark
Writer: O. Henry
Adaptation: Milton Sperling
Music: Cyril J. Mockridge


Warner Baxter as Cisco Kid
Lynn Bari as Ann Carver
Cesar Romero as Lopez
Henry Hull as Colonel Jonathan Bixby
Kane Richmond as Sheriff Tex Ransom
C. Henry Gordon as Mexican captain
Robert Barrat as Sheriff McNally
Chris-Pin Martin as Gordito
Adrian Morris as Deputy Johnson
Soledad Jimenez as Mama Soledad

Return Cisco


Cisco is attracted to Ann Carver and is soon involved in her and her Grandfather's problems. Sheriff McNally has taken their money, their deed, and thrown them in jail. After breaking them out he makes a deal to buy back their land from McNally and to get the money he and his comrades rob the bank. When time for the payoff arrives, McNally has his men ready to nab him but Cisco has a surprise for McNally.


Complete Movie Review:

In 1900, in Northern Mexico near the Arizona border, the Cisco Kid, the famous bandit known as SeƱor Gonzales Sebastian Rodrigo Don Juan Chicquello, faces a firing squad. That night, he arises from his grave with the help of his two friends, Lopez and Gordito, who had placed blanks in the soldiers' guns the previous night. The three head for Arizona where Cisco makes the acquaintance of Colonel Jonathan Bixby and his granddaughter, Ann Carver, who are traveling to the ranch in which they invested all their money. Cisco joins them and foils an attempted robbery of their stagecoach. In town, Bixby and Ann discover that Sheriff McNally, the local land baron, holds the deed to their ranch and has thrown their partner's son, Alan Davis, in jail to keep it. When Bixby and Ann demand his release, McNally, both sheriff and judge, puts them in jail as well. Learning of their arrest, Cisco sets the local store on fire, using the confusion to break the group out of jail. Alan is shot in the escape, but Cisco lances his bullet wound. He takes the trio to the home of Mama Soledad, where they are cared for. Back in town, Cisco meets with McNally, telling him he is a cattleman interested in buying Bixby's ranch. McNally refuses to sell, however, claiming the land is a gold mine. When Cisco offers him $100,000, McNally finally agrees, but Cisco robs McNally's bank for the money. While his friends want to keep the money, Cisco insists it is for Ann, his new love. Unknown to Cisco, Ann and Alan are in love. McNally, realizing he has been double-crossed, prepares a trap for Cisco, but Cisco is too smart for him and gets the deed to the ranch. When Cisco learns of Ann's engagement to Alan, he feels betrayed and orders his friends to find Alan and send him through a pass that the Mexican army has been told the Cisco Kid will be using. However, when Cisco learns from Ann that she never loved him or meant to mislead him, Cisco rides off to save Alan. As McNally and the Mexican soldiers wait at the pass, Cisco sneaks behind them and captures the group. Cisco agrees to stay away from McNally if he will leave Alan and Ann alone, and McNally consents. As Cisco, Lopez and Gordito then ride back into Mexico, Cisco decides to go see an old girl friend.

Cisco 1931
The return of the Cisco Kid

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