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The Cisco Kid and his English-mangling sidekick Pancho travel the old west in the grand
tradition of the Lone Ranger, righting wrongs and fighting injustice wherever they find it.

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The Gay Cabllero

Studio: Fox Film Company
Release Date: October 4, 1940
Running Time: approx 58 minutes   B/W
Director: Otto Brower
Producer: Ralph Dietrich and Walter Morosco
Cinematography: Edward Cronjager
Film Editing: Harry Reynolds
Writer: O. Henry
Adaptation: Albert Duffy
Music: Charles Maxwell


Cesar Romero as Cisco Kid
Sheila Ryan as Susan Wetherby
Chris-Pion Martin as Gorddito
Robert Sterling as Billy Brewster
Janet Beecher as Kate Brewster
Edmund MacDonald as Joe Turner
Jacqueline Dalya as Carmelita
C. Montague Shaw as George Wetherby
Hooper Atchley as Sheriff McBride
Chris Allen as Man at Fiesta



In a case of mistaken identity, the Cisco Kid and his sidekick Gordito arrive in town only to learn that Cisco has been declared dead. Even worse than that, before he died, Cisco was accused of having tried to steal Susan Wetherby's land. Cisco must prove both his identity and his innocence.


Complete Movie Review:

The Gay Caballero is none other than O'Henry's famous Robin Hood of the west, the Cisco Kid. Cesar Romero is playing the Cisco Kid here and once again he and his faithful companion Gordito are there to help a lady in distress. In this case the lady is Sheila Ryan come here from the United Kingdom with her father C. Montague Shaw to buy the ranch of Janet Beecher which is in great debt.

But Beecher is a proud woman and she ain't giving the ranch up even if it means killing and robbing Shaw and Ryan.

What brings Romero and sidekick Chris-Pin Martin to the situation is hearing rumors that he's dead and later finding a grave to attest to that. It was Edmund MacDonald, Beecher's foreman who 'killed' the Cisco Kid. Naturally Cisco himself is going to stick around to see who would kill him and why.

The Gay Caballero

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