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The Cisco Kid and his English-mangling sidekick Pancho travel the old west in the grand
tradition of the Lone Ranger, righting wrongs and fighting injustice wherever they find it.

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Movies -- 1914 to 1994

The Arizona Kid

Studio: Fox Film Company
Release Date: April 27, 1930
Running Time: approx 88 minutes   B/W
Director: Alfred Santell
Second Unit Director: Marty Santell
Cinematography: Glen MacWilliams
Film Editing: Paul Weatherwax
Writer: O. Henry
Adaptation: Ralph Block
Music: R.H. Bassett and Peter Brunelli


Warner Baxter as Arizona Kid
Carole Lombard as Virginia Hoyt
Theodore von Eltz as Dick Hoyt
Hank Mann as Bartender Bill
Mona Maris as Lorita
Wilfred Lucas as Manager

AZ Kid 1930


The Arizona Kid (Warner Baxter) carries out his mission as a Robin Hood-type bandit while posing as a wealthy and carefree miner. He falls for an eastern girl, Virginia Hoyt (Carole Lombard), accompanied by presumably her brother, Dick Hoyt (Theodore von Eltz), actually her husband. The Kid's mine is raided and two of his friends are killed and he learns that Dick and Virginia are the culprits.

Warner Baxter
and Carole Lombard
Warner Baxter
and Mona Maris

Complete Movie Review:

A charming, happy-go-lucky bandit in old Arizona plays cat-and-mouse with the sheriff trying to catch him while he romances a local beauty.

Baxter, Lowe and Lombard

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