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The Cisco Kid and his English-mangling sidekick Pancho travel the old west in the grand
tradition of the Lone Ranger, righting wrongs and fighting injustice wherever they find it.

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South of the Rio Grande

Studio: Monogram Pictures
Release Date: September 15, 1945
Running Time: approx 62 minutes   B/W
Director: Lambert Hillyer
Producer: Lindsley Parsons
Cinematography: William Sickner
Film Editing: William Austin
Writer: Johnston McCulley
Screen Play: Victor Hammond and Ralph Bettinson
Music: Edward J. Kay


Duncan Renaldo as Cisco Kid
Martin Garralaga as Pancho
Armida as Pepita
The Guadalajara Trio as Cantina Musicians
George J. Lewis as Miguel Sanchez
Lillian Molieri as Dolores Sanchez
Francis McDonald as Torres
Charles Stevens as Sebastian
Pedro Regas as Louis
Soledad Jimenez as Mama Maria



Miguel Sanches, the operator of a large rancho, has stolen cattle and then had innocent suspects shot. Cisco has been called on for help and arriving finds a wagon under attack. His men drive off the attackers and he finds the victim was to be Sanches' replacement. After changing clothes with the man, Cisco arrives posing as him in a attempt to get evidence against Sanchez.

In this movie Cisco's name changes back to Juan Francisco Hernandez.


Complete Movie Review:

The notorious Mexican bandit, The Cisco Kid, is interrupted by his friend Pancho while serenading the latest object of his affections. Pancho gives him a letter from Stephen, an old childhood friend, pleading for Cisco's help in fighting false charges of cattle rustling. Cisco and Pancho arrive in the bandit's old hometown just in time to save Manuel Gonzales, another innocent rancher, from a firing squad, then learn that Stephen and his family were killed the night before by Miguel Sanchez, the corrupt district officer who falsely accuses the ranchers of rustling in order to steal their cattle. Meanwhile, Dolores, Manuel's sister, is abducted by Sanchez' men and forced to sing for the district officer at a local saloon, much to the chagrin of Pepita, a jealous saloon performer who desires Sanchez. Later, Cisco and some of the ranchers discover Dominguez, a government inspector, murdered by Sanchez' men, so Cisco decides to impersonate the dead official and rides into town. Pretending to be afraid of the newly organized outlaw ranchers, Cisco accepts the protection and hospitality of Sanchez, and agrees to stay at his hacienda. In the meantime, Pepita discovers Dolores' true identity, but she is held captive by Luis and Mama Maria, the saloon's proprietors, in order to stop her from telling Sanchez. Pepita escapes, however, and rushes to Sanchez' hacienda, but before the district officer can act, Cisco steps in and orders Pancho to "execute" Dolores and leave her body where the fugitive ranchers can find it. Cisco then meets alone with the love-starved Pepita, who tells him all about Sanchez' vast cattle rustling. Pepita also informs Cisco that Sanchez has hidden his ill-gotten gains in a buried chest. Learning that his corruption has been exposed, Sanchez and Torres, his henchman, make plans to kill Cisco and the others, then escape across the border to the United States. Sanchez' scheme backfires, however, and he is captured by Cisco. Cisco orders Sanchez to write a confession, but Sanchez instead pulls out a hidden gun and is killed in a gunfight by Cisco. With the ranchers' help, Sanchez' men are then quickly captured and turned over to the new, honest district officer.

South of the Rio Grande

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