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The Cisco Kid and his English-mangling sidekick Pancho travel the old west in the grand
tradition of the Lone Ranger, righting wrongs and fighting injustice wherever they find it.

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The Cisco Kid
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Pancho:       Let's went.

Pancho:       Cisco, I'm all mixed up in my head.

Bonanza Sheriff:       [speaking to Cisco] Are you trying to make a fool of me?
Pancho:       Don't blame us for what nature did.

The Cisco Kid:       How will you sleep tonight if you're going to take a siesta all day?
Pancho:       I'll worry about that tonight.

Pancho:       [after Cisco's horse wakes Pancho] Diablo, you just wait until you take a siesta. I'm gonna' woke you up.

Pancho:       I never shoot a man in the back if I can see him faces to faces.

The Cisco Kid:       You're a very stubborn man, Sheriff.
Pancho:       That's what makes sheriffs, sheriffs. I think.

The Cisco Kid:       What are you worrying about?
Pancho:       I'm worried that if my worries are over, I won't have anything to worry about.

Pancho:       Let's get our horses and went.

The Cisco Kid:       You just have to learn it the hard way, that every man is your brother.
Pancho:       I know somebody who not my brother.
The Cisco Kid:       Who?
Pancho:       My sister.

Pancho:       I understand what you say, but I don't know what you mean, Cisco.

Pancho:       [to his horse after it had been stolen] Loco, finding you is like finding a lost long brother-in-law.

Pancho:       I will keep my eye on him like a peeping Tomcat.

Pancho:       You think you are going some places? You're not going no places.

Pancho:       This fellow here will steal the pants right off your back.

The Cisco Kid:       You think you are going some places? You're not going no places.

The Cisco Kid:       This fellow here will steal the pants right off your back.

Pancho:       Oh! That's a different horse of another color.

The Cisco Kid:       How can you get so mixed up?
Pancho:       Well, it takes lots of practice.

Pancho:       How can you get into so much trouble without Pancho?
The Cisco Kid:       I'm doing pretty well by myself.

Sheriff:       You're sure you left Mrs. Collins here?
Pancho:       Sure, we're sure we're sure.

Pancho:       Cisco, I can't believe what my eyes don't see. How can a bed get up and walk?

[first lines]   Sheriff:       [on horseback with a posse] This is as far as we go, boys. We're not going down in that hole. Too many folks have disappeared down there. I've got a hunch the Cisco Kid and Pancho aren't coming out alive, either.

Pancho:       What is this, Cisco? Is good men who think we are bad or bad men who think we are good?
The Cisco Kid:       We'll soon find out, Pancho.

Pancho:       [after getting the drop on a henchman] Hey, you over there! Take that gun out of your holster - unless you want a little hole in you someplace. Drop it on the ground!

Pancho:       We've had so much trouble today, so who cares if we have a little bit more. Let's went.

Pancho:       [after Cisco explains that a Scotsman's kilt is his native costume like he and Pancho wear sombreros] We wear sombreros to keep the sun out of our eyes and he wears a skirt to, well...?

Pancho:       [upon hearing a bagpipe for the first time] That kind of music sound like you stepping on a cat's tail.

Pancho:       [after trying to play the bagpipe himself] It's just like catching a little pig and squeezing the squeals out of him.

Pancho:       I'm surprised sometimes how I surprise myself.

Pancho:       That's the best plan I never think of.

The Cisco Kid:       How can you get in so much trouble and so quickly?
Pancho:       This man say you are a crook.

Constable Slate:       [after Pancho accidentally hits him with his bolas] Put that thing away.
Pancho:       I beg your partner.

Pancho:       [trying to select which photograph of Pancho to submit to marriage-by-mail] How do you like that one?
The Cisco Kid:       I don't like it.
Pancho:       Why not?
The Cisco Kid:       It looks too much like you.

Professor:       [Pancho has entered a win-a-wife drawing] We're having a special drawing here an hour from now. Here's your number. Ya better come around.
Pancho:       Don't worry, I will be there.
Professor:       By the way, which do you prefer - blondes or brunettes?
Pancho:       I like blondes.
Professor:       Naturally.
Pancho:       Don't make any difference naturally. I like blondes. I don't care how they get that way.

The Cisco Kid:       Professor Bradley was some kind of a poet. This is a jingle.
Pancho:       A jingle? No. A jingle is a place where the lions and the tiger live.
Sheriff:       No. That's a jungle.
Pancho:       No. Now, you see you don't know nothing. A jungle is a jungler who jungles the ball like that.
The Cisco Kid:       [watching Pancho mimic a juggler] Hey, Pancho.
Pancho:       What?
The Cisco Kid:       That's juggling!
Pancho:       Juggling? Jiggling? Gig? That's when little girls laugh - hee, hee, hee! That's a giggling.
The Cisco Kid:       Pancho, that's a giggle.
Pancho:       Oh, a giggle? That's a rhyme, Cisco.
The Cisco Kid:       [simultaneously with the Sheriff] That's a jingle, amigo.
Pancho:       That's what I told you in the first place! Don't you? Hmm?

Pancho:       [laughing with Cisco] Se?or X put a nice brand on them for the sheriff, huh?. X marks the spot!

The Cisco Kid:       Oh, Pancho!

Pancho:       Oh, Cisco!

Dorsey Knudsen:       Now, see here...
Pancho:       Senor, don't talk so much here. Wait and use all those words in the courthouse with the judge.
Dorsey Knudsen:       Alright, let's go. I won't have any trouble proving my innocence. And for your information, I won't need a jury or a tricky lawyer.

Pancho:       [acting as bailiff] Are you gonna swore that everything you say in this courthouse is the truth, the whole truth and everything but the truth?

Jeff Adams:       I'd introduce these men, Ruth, but I don't know who they are, except they've become mighty good friends of mine all of a sudden.

The Cisco Kid:       [shaking hands] I am The Cisco Kid, and this is my very good friend, Pancho: handsome, brave, and very modest.
Pancho:       You are pleased to meet me.

Pancho:       [examining body] Nothing you can do with him, Cisco. He's too dead.

The Cisco Kid:       Pancho, we don't have actual proof against him. We've got to make him expose himself.
Pancho:       I will do what you told me, but it's much more easy to expose him to a bullet.

The Cisco Kid:       Drop those guns. You'll not need them in prison.

Pancho:       [lecturing Terry after Cisco has given him a well-deserved beating] Remember, mister, when you lose your temper, it's the hardest thing to find.

Pancho:       Drop that knife! Or Pancho will put your wishbone where you backbone oughta be.

The Cisco Kid:       See, I told you the bear is tame.
Pancho:       You know that and I know that, but does the bear know that?

Pancho:       Bosses in skirts. Maybe our troubles are just beginning.

Curt Reynolds:       Is he dead?
The Cisco Kid:       He's as dead as he'll ever be.

Sheriff:       I'm gonna see to it that the both of you hang!
Pancho:       Hey, Sheriff, don't say that. Without my neck, I can't swallow frijoles.

Pancho:       A little trouble here. A little trouble there. You put them altogether and it spells Cisco.

Pancho:       Talk, Mister or Cisco get mad. And when Cisco get mad, Pancho start breaking heads.

Pancho:       You sound like a sheriff.
Sheriff:       I am the Sheriff.
Pancho:       [looks at the star on the man's chest] Yeah, I see your baggage.

Pancho:       Let's go before I change his mind.

The Cisco Kid:       There is something Pancho and I can do.
Pancho:       Yes, there is something we can do. We could - we - what is it?
The Cisco Kid:       Investigate, Pancho.
Pancho:       I don't have a mind to invest in a gate. What good would that do, anyhow?

[last lines] Pancho:       Cisco, you know - I can read in two languages at the same time with my eyes closed and standing on one foot.
The Cisco Kid:       [laughing] Oh, Pancho!
Pancho:       [laughing] Oh, Cisco!

Pancho:       We ride out like Lock-in-the-jars.
The Cisco Kid:       Oh, Pancho. You mean like Lochinvar.

Pancho:       We like out like Lock-in-the-jars.
The Cisco Kid:       Oh, Pancho. You mean like Lochinvar.

[first lines]   Jerry:       [approaching two men standing outside the bank] I beg your pardon. Could you tell me the time?
Joe:       Sure.
Jerry:       [lowering her voice] Keep your eyes open, Joe. The town marshal just road in.

Joe:       Ten-thirty, Ma'am.
Jerry:       Thank you!

Pancho:       A vaquero walking! That's a disgrace.

The Cisco Kid:       Alright, Pancho, hit the deck.
Pancho:       What I want to hit the deck for? It didn't hit me, Cisco.

Pancho:       Cisco, I don't mind doing what I'm doing, but I don't know what I'm doing.
The Cisco Kid:       And you're just the one who can do it.

Pancho:       I don't mind doing what I'm doing, but I don't know what I'm doing.

[first lines]   Pancho:       [observing a horse-drawn fire engine galloping down a dusty prairie road] Hey, Cisco! Do you see what I see? A fire engine out here in the middle of nothing-at-all.

Pancho:       [after opening a doctor's closet and finding a skeleton] Cisco, look, it's somebody with nobody on the outside.

Pancho:       Never count your chickens before they cross the bridge.

Pancho:       Now, like always, my pockets is all empty again.

Pancho:       [after finding an egg from his pet raven in his pocket] Se?or Cortez, he is a mother.

Pancho:       [amazed by Tim's gymnastic ability] Holy smokin'! Cisco, he's got springs in his pants!

[last lines]
Pancho:       Hey, Cisco, will you do me a big flavor, Cisco, please?
The Cisco Kid:       A flavor? You mean a promise, Pancho?
Pancho:       Yes, Cisco. Don't tell Loco I've been riding this two-wheel horse because he's awful jealous of me, if I ride anything but him.
The Cisco Kid:       Oh, Pancho!
Pancho:       Oh, Cisco!

Morgan:       [attempting to sell an insurance policy] Do you realize, my friend, that there's more accidents happened in the home than any other place?
Pancho:       Yeah - but I don't got a home.
Morgan:       Well, where do you reside?
Pancho:       I sleep outside.

Pancho:       Hey, Cisco, this wedding gonna wind up to be a funeral for Pancho, I think.

Pancho:       [after Morton's henchmen get the drop on him] Hey! Don't do something I'll be sorry for.

Amios 1931
Good-bye Amigos! See you soon! Ha Ha

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