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The Cisco Kid and his English-mangling sidekick Pancho travel the old west in the grand
tradition of the Lone Ranger, righting wrongs and fighting injustice wherever they find it.

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The Cisco Kid Returns

Studio: Monogram Pictures
Release Date: February 16, 1945
Running Time: approx 64 minutes   B/W
Director: John P. McCarthy
Producer: Phillip N. Krasne
Cinematography: Harry Newmann
Film Editing: Martin Cohn
Writer: O. Henry
Screen Play: Betty Burbridge
Music: David Chudnow and Albert Glasser


Duncan Renaldo as Cisco Kid
Martin Garralaga as Pancho Gonzales
Roger Pryor as John Harris
Cecilia Callejo as Rosita Gonzales
Fritz Leiber as The Padre
Jan Wiley as Jeanette
Sharon Smith as Nancy Page
Vicky Lane as Julia (posing as Elizabeth Page)
Anthony Warde as Paul Conway
Bud Osborne as Sheriff



The Cisco Kid and Pancho stop the marriage of Rosita to Harris by claiming that Cisco is already married to her, and exhibit a borrowed child, Nancy as proof. Cisco carries off the furious Rosita, but finds, when returning Nancy, that her real father has been shot to death. Assuming responsibility for Nancy, Cisco sends her and Rosita to stay with Tia, and he visits the local padre. Harris and Conway scheme to get custody of the child, so they can obtain the money left to her by her father. As part of the plot, an actress, comes to town posing as the girl's mother, accompanied by her maid Jeanette. Rosita, jealous of the attention Cisco is paying to Jeanette, tells Harris where the child is being kept in hiding. Cisco sends Pancho to the sheriff with a message promising to give himself up for "kidnapping" Nancy if the sheriff will bring along "Mrs. Page" and Conway.

In 1945 there were three Cisco movies. Cisco's real name is Juan Francisco Hernandez in this movie. In the next movie it is Juan Carlos Francisco Antonio and then back to Juan Francisco Hernandez in the last movie.


Complete Movie Review:

Outlaw Juan Francisco Hernandez, better known as The Cisco Kid, and Pancho, his companion, stop the wedding of Cisco's girl friend, Rosita Gonzales, to John Harris, a cantina owner, by falsely stating that she is already married to Cisco and that they have a small child. Afterward, Rosita explains to Cisco that she left him because he was unfaithful to her, though he vehemently denies it. Later, Cisco finds his friend Antonio murdered and Stephen Page, Antonio's employer, mortally wounded. With his dying breath, Page asks Cisco to hide his young daughter Nancy, and the outlaw agrees. Cisco is soon accused of committing the murders and kidnapping Nancy. Page's murderer is actually Jennings, a hired gun working for Harris, who in turn, is working for Paul Conway, Page's business advisor, who hopes to take over the businessman's vast estate. Cisco and Pancho go to the local mission to ask the padre's advice, and he tells Cisco that he must keep his promise to the dying Page and care for Nancy. At the same time, a woman claiming to be Mrs. Elizabeth Page arrives at the mission, so Cisco offers to take her and Jeanette, her maid, to the Page hacienda. In actuality, Mrs. Page is an actress named Julia who has been hired by Conway to impersonate Nancy's missing mother. That night, Rosita flies into a jealous fit when she believes she has caught Cisco at the Page estate trying to romance Jeanette. She then goes to Harris and tells him that the outlaw is hiding Nancy. Harris then demands that Conway make him a full partner before he delivers Nancy. The crooked businessman agrees, and together they set a trap for Cisco. That evening, while Cisco calls upon Jeanette, the sheriff and his posse slowly surround the Page hacienda. Pancho, however, warns his friend just in time, and the bandit escapes the trap. After taking Nancy to a new hiding spot, Cisco arranges his own trap for Conway and his gang. He has Pancho bring Conway, "Mrs. Page," Jeanette and the sheriff to the mission to pick up Nancy. The padre, however, insists that "Mrs. Page" sign for the child, as well as pick Nancy out of a group of eight young girls. Cisco then arrives and gives the sheriff a copy of a letter written by Page, in which Page fires Conway, as well as a letter written by the real Mrs. Page. When an examination of the two handwritings exposes Julia, Jeanette confesses all, and Cisco and the sheriff ride off to arrest Harris. As Rosita watches, they capture Jennings as well, and Cisco and Rosita are reunited.

The Cisco Kid Returns

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