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The Cisco Kid and his English-mangling sidekick Pancho travel the old west in the grand
tradition of the Lone Ranger, righting wrongs and fighting injustice wherever they find it.

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The Gay Cavalier

Studio: Monogram Pictures
Release Date: March 30, 1946
Running Time: approx 65 minutes   B/W
Director: William Nigh
Producer: Scott R. Dunlap
Cinematography: Harry Neumann
Film Editing: Fred Maguire
Writer: Charles S. Belden
Screen Play: Charles S. Belden
Music: Edward J. Kay


Gilbert Roland as Cisco Kid
Martin Garralaga as Don Felipe
Nacho Galindo as Baby
Ramsey Ames as Pepita
Helen Gerald as Angela
Trisram Coffin as Lawton
Drew Allen as Juan
Iris Flores as Fisherman's Wife
John Melton as Lewis
Frank La Rue as Dancer



Roland plays The Cisco Kid, who sets out on a double mission. He must prevent a girl from marrying a wealthy suitor in order to save her family's hacienda, thus forsaking her true love in doing so; and also apprehend the outlaws who robbed a stagecoach carrying gold to a local mission. He eventually finds that the wealthy suitor is behind the gold robbery, a revelation that makes his task much easier.


Complete Movie Review:

In 1850 The Cisco Kid makes another annual pilgrimage to the California grave of his father, a former bandit. To atone for his father's crimes, Cisco has spent his life stealing from the rich to give to the poor. At a nearby ranch, Don Felipe is preparing for the marriage of his daughter Angela to a wealthy American businessman, Lawton. Although Angela is in love with Juan, she agrees to marry Lawton in the hope that he will pay Don Felipe's debts and save the ranch. On the road to the ranch, a stagecoach carrying money given by the poor to build a new church is held up by bandits who claim to be the Cisco Kid's gang. Later, Cisco and his men find the injured driver and learn of the accusations against them. Before he dies, the driver also tells them that another injured man was taken to Don Felipe's ranch. When Lawton, the actual robber, arrives at the ranch, he spreads the rumor that Cisco was responsible for the theft. Pepita, Angela's sister, does not like Lawton and encourages Juan to fight for Angela. Later Cisco appears at the hacienda and encounters Pepita. Attracted to the dashing bandit, Pepita listens sympathetically when he tells her that Cisco's men would never steal money from the poor. Finding Lawton alone, Cisco tries to force him to confess, but they are seen by one of Lawton's men, who gives chase. Cisco escapes and hides in Pepita's room. Meanwhile, outside, an eavesdropping Juan learns where the stolen money is hidden. Juan follows Cisco to his camp and begs to join his fight against Lawton. Juan, Cisco, and Cisco's sidekick, Baby, sneak into the outlaw's hideout. Although one bandit escapes, the trio overcomes the others, and later Cisco returns the stolen money to the church. Alerted by the escaped bandit, Lawton tells Don Felipe that the money he was bringing for the ranch was stolen in the stagecoach robbery. Don Felipe then agrees to sign over the ranch without the money. When Cisco learns of the change in plans, he hurries to the hacienda with Juan. Cisco stops the wedding and engages Lawton in a sword fight. As Pepita watches breathlessly, Cisco overcomes Lawton. Now that he has made it possible for Angela to marry Juan, Cisco kisses Pepita and regretfully leaves the ranch for good.

The Gay Cavalier

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