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The Cisco Kid and his English-mangling sidekick Pancho travel the old west in the grand
tradition of the Lone Ranger, righting wrongs and fighting injustice wherever they find it.

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Beauty and the Bandit

Studio: Monogram Pictures
Release Date: November 9, 1946
Running Time: approx 77 minutes   B/W
Director: William Nigh
Producer: Scott R. Dunlap
Cinematography: Harry Neumann
Film Editing: Fred Maguire
Writer: Charles S. Belden
Screen Play: Charles S. Belden
Music: Edward J. Kay


Gilbert Roland as Cisco Kid
Martin Garralaga as Dr. Juan Valegra
Frank Yaconelli as Baby
Ramsey Adams as Jeaqnne D Bois
Vida Aldana as Waitress Rosita
George J. Lewis as Capitan
William Gould as Doc Wells
Dimas Sotello as Farmer
Felipe Turich as Sick Farmer
Joe Dominguez as Peon



In Old California, a young Frenchman transporting a chest full of silver travels by stagecoach to San Marino, to complete a complex business deal. The stagecoach is ambushed by a band of men whose leader, a mysterious bandido known as Cisco (Gilbert Roland), claims the silver is money that was extorted over a period of years from the poor people of California. The bandits take the money and escape, but Cisco stays behind with the Frenchman -- who, it turns out, is actually a lovely mademoiselle, Jeanne DuBois (Ramsay Ames). She follows him to the bandit's lair, where Cisco tells her he intends to return the stolen money to the poor people. The two rivals are irresistibly drawn to each other, however, and as a token of love Cisco offers to return the money to Jeanne instead. Now she must decide whether to complete her business deal, or to comply with Cisco's wishes and redistribute the wealth.


Complete Movie Review:

Outlaw The Cisco Kid learns from a former member of his band that a rich, young Frenchman named Du Bois has recently landed at a California port and will travel with a chest of silver to the town of San Marino. Pretending to be a policeman, Cisco meets Du Bois and offers the services of himself and several of his men as escorts. Unknown to Cisco, Du Bois is actually a woman named Jeanne, who has disguised herself as a man. Along the way, Cisco's men remove the silver from the chest and replace it with stones. Meanwhile, in San Marino, Doc Walsh and his associate, Valegra, quarrel when Valegra frets about his part in Walsh's scheme to drive the farmers off their land by poisoning their grain. Walsh plans to use the silver that Jeanne is bringing to town to buy the land and sell it at a high price in Europe. After Cisco and Jeanne arrive, Jeanne reveals her true identity to Walsh, who had been a business associate of her dead father. When Walsh tells Jeanne that there is no silver in the chest, she lies that she has hidden the silver in a safe place. The next morning, Jeanne drops her male disguise, and Cisco offers to give her a riding lesson. In the middle of the lesson, Cisco is summoned by his sidekick, Baby, who informs him that the real police chief has arrived and has arrested several of Cisco's men. Followed by Jeanne, Cisco rescues his men and then heads for his hideout. At the camp, Jeanne reveals that she knows Cisco stole her money, but did not tell Walsh because she has fallen in love with him. When Cisco learns what Jeanne plans to do with the money, he scolds her for the ugliness in her heart and spanks her. He adds that he has dedicated his life to helping the poor and does not want to settle down with any woman. When they all return to town, they find that the starving farmers have eaten the poisoned grain and are dying. While Cisco and his men demand the antidote from Valegra, a reformed Jeanne pays Walsh for the deed and then burns it. Walsh then locks Jeanne in one of the rooms, intending to lure Cisco to the house and kill him. Despite Walsh's attempts to confuse Cisco with ventriloquism, however, Cisco kills him. The next day, the police arrest Cisco, who has a criminal record, but Cisco escapes and rejoins his men, who will continue to fight for the poor.

Beauty and the Bandit

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