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The Cisco Kid and his English-mangling sidekick Pancho travel the old west in the grand
tradition of the Lone Ranger, righting wrongs and fighting injustice wherever they find it.

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The Gay Amigo

Studio: United Artists
Release Date: May 13, 1949
Running Time: approx 62 minutes   B/W
Director: Wallace Fox
Producer: Phillip N. Krasne
Cinematography: Ernest Miller
Film Editing: Martin G. Cohn
Writer: O. Henry
Screen Play: Doris Schroeder
Music: Albet Glasser


Duncan Renaldo as Cisco Kid
Leo Carrillo as Pancho
Armida as Roaita
Joe Sawyer as Sergeant McNulty
Walter Baldwin as Editor Stoneham
Fred Kohler Jr. as Brack
Kenneth MacDonald as Captain Leweis
George DeNormand as Corporal
Clayton Moore as Lieutenant
Fred Crane as Henchman Duke



Chasing Mexican bandits, the Captain sees Cisco and Pancho ride away. Assuming they are the bandits he captures them and then lets them go. He has them followed figuring they will lead him to the entire gang. Cisco learns the editor and the blacksmith are the leaders. He makes the blacksmith think his partner double-crossed him and then joins up with him as his new partner planning to lead the entire gang into a trap.


Complete Movie Review:

While riding near the Mexican border in the Arizona territory, two Mexican-Americans, Cisco and Pancho, hear gunshots. A short distance away, they see a cavalry platoon chase a gang of bandits into Mexico. Capt. Lewis orders his men to stop at the border and then notices Cisco and Pancho. Mistaking him for the gang's leader, Lewis directs his men to follow Cisco, but Cisco and Pancho escape. Later, Cisco and Pancho discover one of the slain bandits, who is dressed in Mexican clothes, and recognize him as an American named Pete Harmon. Pancho contemplates stealing Harmon's fancy belt, but Cisco talks him out of it. Later, in a nearby town, the captain sees Cisco, whom he recognizes as the infamous bandit known as "The Cisco Kid." He chases Cisco and Pancho into a cantina, where Rosita, the girl friend of Lewis' bumbling sergeant, McNulty, works as a waitress, and arrests them. Lewis takes them to cavalry headquarters, but is soon forced to release them due to lack of evidence. Believing that eventually Cisco and Pancho will lead them to the rest of the gang, the captain orders McNulty to follow them. Later, at the office of the Arizona Globe , the editor, Stoneham, writes an article demanding the bandits' immediate arrest. Cisco and Pancho eavesdrop on their conversation, then visit the cantina, where Pancho notices that Rosita is wearing Harmon's belt. When they ask her about the belt, Rosita tells them that blacksmith Bill Brack gave it to her. After news arrives that the bandits killed Stoneham's friend Ed Paulsen, McNulty arrests Cisco and Pancho. McNulty then takes them back to headquarters, but they quickly escape through the bathroom window. Later, Cisco and Pancho hold up a stagecoach and steal the passengers' jewelry and money. Then, Cisco enters the newspaper office with his gun drawn and orders the typesetter, Thompson, to take dictation, beginning with the headline "Mexican Bandits Strike Again." When Stoneham enters, Cisco grabs Stoneham's cache of stolen property and locks him and Thompson in a supply closet. Later, Brack asks Thompson for his share of the gang's latest haul, but Thompson explains that Cisco robbed them. The bandits then try to escape with large quantities of stolen gold, but are detained by Cisco and Pancho. When the cavalrymen arrive and realize that the gang leaders are actually Stoneham and Brack, they offer their apologies and thanks to Cisco and Pancho.

The Gay Amigo

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